Principal's Message

Dear students,

“Every new day is another chance to change your life”- Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

We are living in a world of constant changes emanated from our own learning and innovations. Today , right education is not merely acquiring knowledge, but also envisaging the right paths towards employability. A good educational system helps to draw the best from every student so as to enable them to reduce reality shocks in life and lead them to further development and innovations.

At MOSC Institute of Allied Health Sciences, we are offering a gateway towards the world of healthcare administration to equip students professionally to meet administrative challenges through empirical learning. Healthcare administration undergoes continuous reformation across the globe. It focuses on effective coordination of work elements under optimum resources and helps for opting various approaches to manage various complexities in healthcare services.  In this college, we provide competitive educational environment with the help of our resource personnel for the continuous enrichment of each student. Administrative professionals of tomorrow are developed and empowered in our College to enable them to give best of their abilities for the wellbeing of humanity.

Moreover, our Management is more vigilant to ensure all amenities for students and to make the college excellent in Holistic Education. MOSC Institute of Allied Health Sciences is part of MOSC Medical College, and has access to all the clinical, pre-clinical, para-clinical, super specialty and administrative departments for the benefit of academics.

You should not be forced by others, but should be aware of your own attitude and aptitude to make your choice of chance to change your life in a pleasing manner.

I welcome who are really interested to get transformed as a healthcare professional. Wish you all the best.

Prof. Thomas P. V

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