Fees Structure

  • Tuition Fee yearly Rs 70,000/-
  • Special fee per year:


Library Rs.7000/
Lab Practice Rs.7000/-
Computer Lab Rs.4000/-
Establishment charges Rs.10000/-
University Special Fee (KUHS)
Annual fee (Changes will be applicable as per KUHS norms.)
Total  Rs.32650/-


  • Onetime Payment – During Admission


Caution deposit (Refundable) Rs.4000/-
Admission Fee Rs.1000/-
PTA Fund Rs.2000/
College Union Fund Rs.2000/
Health Check-up Rs.2000/
University Special Fee (KUHS)
Registration, certificate verification & fee for ID     - Rs. 890/-
b) Sports affiliation                                                      - Rs.220/-
c) University union fee (Changes will be applicable as per KUHS norms.)   - Rs.220/-
Rs 1330/-
Total Rs.12330/-


Refund of fees

  • No refund of fees will be allowed after the closure of admission.
  • If any student discontinues the course from the college at any stage after the closure of admission, he/she shall be liable to pay liquidated damages equivalent to the tuition fee for the entire duration of the course

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