Fees structure

❖ Tuition Fee yearly Rs 70,000/-
❖ Special fee per year:

Library Rs.7000/
Lab Practice Rs.7000/-
Computer Lab Rs.4000/-
Establishment charges Rs.10000/-
University Special Fee (KUHS)
Annual fee (Changes will be applicable as per KUHS norms.)
Total  Rs.32650/-

❖ Onetime Payment – During Admission

Caution deposit (Refundable) Rs.4000/-
Admission Fee Rs.1000/-
PTA Fund Rs.2000/
College Union Fund Rs.2000/
Health Check-up Rs.2000/
University Special Fee (KUHS)
Registration, certificate verification & fee for ID     - Rs. 890/-
b) Sports affiliation                                                      - Rs.220/-
c) University union fee (Changes will be applicable as per KUHS norms.)   - Rs.220/-
Rs 1330/-
Total Rs.12330/-

Refund of fees

1. No refund of fees will be allowed after the closure of admission.

2. If any student discontinues the course from the college at any stage after the closure of admission, he/she shall be liable to pay liquidated damages equivalent to the tuition fee for the entire duration of the course